• Summar Shaban

THe Column Skirt

Updated: May 2, 2020

The 90’s inspired satin skirt is having much more than a hot moment in fashion now.

slip skirts has caused a commotion among fashion lovers everywhere for its classic silhouette and cool prints. I love pairing skirts with tees! I either do a front tuck or wear it tied-up like I did here! In order for me to feel confident pulling off a skirt with sneakers, the skirt has to show a good amout of ankle or leg. Otherwise, it just cuts me off weird!

This dreamy leopard print skirt clearly became a wardrobe staple among many fashion lovers. Animal prints have proven to be a breath of fresh air from your everyday neutrals, providing visual texture to just about everything. Whether you opt for classic leopard prints or something more classic, you can wear these skirts with everything from casual T-shirts to chic blouses and jackets.

Sincerely, Summar