• Summar Shaban

Prints Feel So Right: Even In Plus Size

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I know, I know, mixing prints can be scary. I used to be terrified at even just the idea.

“ Style is not a size, Its a attitude"

The rules in fashion for curvy girls say, "Stay away from lines and prints." When you're plus size, it can sometimes seem like there's some secret society trying to sell you on the idea that you should only wear darker colors. Mixing prints is one of those looks that can go very wrong real quick if it’s not done right. How do you know whats right? When it comes to mixing prints, it’s all about balance, and proportion. If you have these two right, then you will have an amazing print on print outfit. One of the reasons I love print mixing is because its a great way to revive pieces in your wardrobe that you didn't know you had. A little mixing and matching can give you many refreshing new looks without having to buy new clothes. Buying one new print item and mixing with older items can also give you a different outlook on your style. What are some hot prints to add, or dig up (old clothes or accessories) animal prints, YES ANIMAL PRINTS is going to be HOT. Do you know what goes with animal print? That's right everything. Yes, you heard me, EVERY.... DAMN... THING.... Match, clash, mis match, WHATEVER, just make sure you go completely wild with your fashion choices because life is too short to look basic, and honey, you are NOT basic. Luckily your fave high street and independent brands have been showcasing the hottest animal prints. Remember, you look how you feel, if it feels right, then it looks right, which makes you feel and look right. NEVER second guess your self.

Sincerely, Summar