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Loving this bronzy look By @aminarakel I

Hello, beauties! My name is Summar, welcome to a platform where weight is nothing but a number. Here you will find all things travel, fashion, and of course, FOOD. I'm your everyday fashion, and food junkie while living and loving every moment. Since I can remember I have always loved fashion and art. Throughout my life, I have struggled with fashion being overweight and made fun of,  but I never let that stop me. I've developed a thicker skin and learned that my confidence is my shield. Having been a tomboy my entire life I turned upside down when I started high school. Like a switch, I flipped and my obsession began for the better. Icons like Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Coco Chanel, Madonna, and Sarah Jessica Parker, have always been my inspiration. My style can't be conformed to just one, it is street, chic, everyday casual, glam, and modest. Style can be whatever you want it to be. You shouldn't have to be in just one category.  I've tried enough to know what looks good on my body and flatters me. I always stay true to myself with the things I love. Fashion magazines can always be deceiving and it's okay to be completely in awe with what is showcased in the pages but following what I like has always been a given. My love for food and traveling broadened when I got married in 2016 to the most amazing human being I am proud to call my husband. Traveling became all the more special in my eyes. The world is a beautiful place and it deserves to be seen with the person, or people you love. I started this blog to share what I love and give people an insight into what I wear, do, and eat. My friends and family have always encouraged me to share my passion. I learned to love and accept myself, live positively, and do what makes me happy. I can only hope that this page influences people to do the same.

 Sincerely, Summar